Books that are useful:

  • Harburn, Taylor & Welberry, "Atlas of Optical Transforms" -a book of optical transforms illustrating various aspects of diffraction. If you can explain them all, you understand all of diffraction.
  • Drenth, J. "Principles of Protein X-ray Crystallography" - a reasonably advanced book directed specifically toward macromolecular crystallography.
  • Cantor & Schimmel, "Biophysical Chemistry Part II: Techniques for the study of biological structure and function" - of interest are chapter 13, "Xray crystallograpy' and chapter 14, "Other scattering and diffraction techniques"

Also, an elementary introduction to crystallography can be found in:

  • Gale Rhodes, "Crystallography Made Crystal Clear"

Web sites

Other tools

  • "Graphing Calculator" -(generally available on Macs; I don't know about PCs) useful for graphing scattering functions, etc.
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