The leadzyme is a minimal catalytic motif derived from in vitro selection. It consists of a duplex with a three-base bulge. In crystals, it adopts two discrete conformations that differ in their metal-binding properties. These two conformations presumably represent a ground state and a precatalytic state of the molecule.



Wedekind JE, McKay DB. (1999) "Crystal structure of a lead-dependent ribozyme revealing metal binding sites relevant to catalysis."
Nat Struct Biol. 6, 261-268.
[PubMed] [pdf] [coordinates]

J. E. Wedekind & D. B. McKay (2003). "Crystal structure of the leadzyme at 1.8 A resolution: metal ion binding and the implications for catalytic mechanism and allo site ion regulation"
Biochemistry 42, 9554-9563.
[PubMed] [pdf] [Mg(2+) coordinates] [Mg(2+) + Sr(2+) coordinates]

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